Monday, December 22, 2008

Stop the presses -- we're going to DC!

Just a quick update here before I stow the satellite dish, possibly till Friday.

We got word today that our presidential inauguration tickets came through! I just got off the horn with the TrawlerFest people, and they were happy to switch our registration to the San Diego event at the end of February (actually, it turns out that they had mistakenly registered us there anyway, but that's another story), so we will not be under a time crunch to get out of DC.

So our new schedule looks like this:

Today through Friday we will be at Disney World, staying at Disney's Fort Wilderness. Friday night I expect to be back here for a night, after which we will start making our way toward Arcadia. We'll be at the Bussin' 2009 rally in Arcadia Sunday evening, 12/28, through New Year's day.

From there, we will head down to Fort Lauderdale, where our Trawler School charter runs from Monday through Friday, 1/5-1/9. After that, I expect we will spend a few days in the area, enjoying the warmth and relaxing. Since we'll need to be in DC by the 18th, there's really no point in trying to get down to the keys on this trip.

We'll start working our way slowly back up the coast through, perhaps, South Carolina, and then make a cobra-strike into DC on the 18th. We expect parking to be tight and weather to be foul, so we want to limit the time we are there. We need to pick up the tickets during the day on the 19th, which is why we need to be in town a day early.

I expect to be rolling back out of DC the very next day, 1/21. We'll start a southerly loop towards Phoenix immediately, and so will not be coming back this way through Florida. More on that plan after I've had some time to figure the logistics of DC.


  1. Sean,
    I cannot wait to hear about your next few weeks and then being present at President elect, Obama's inauguration!

    I would love to be there but maybe we'll make it to his next one in 2013, ya think?

    Joy and Phil

  2. Yay! You're coming to D.C. But where will you park?

  3. OMG! That is so fabulous -- congratulations on scoring tickets. I cannot wait to hear your report. I have an anxious thought though, where will you park?.

  4. We have several super-stealthy overnight options. Since parking will be so tight, we'll keep those a secret until after the event.

  5. Louise and Sean, John S. from the forum gave me your blog URL. I'm writing a feature for Good Sam Network News and would like to interview you about your proposed trip to the inauguration. BTW: I know that Cherry Hill RV Park is not totally sold out.

    You can contact me at or 805-340-9563.


  6. sooper cool. take pix, so excited to see a family in the white house hope ya'll have fun

  7. Louise and Sean,

    A friend of mine sent me to your blog since they have a coach too and parked next to it a few years ago at a FMCA rally in Pamona shortly after you bought it. I see you're going to be coming to Phoenix. I would LOVE to stop by and see your rig in person and say hi if we can. We camp alot but in a tent..LOL. Safe travels no matter where the road leads.


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