Monday, May 18, 2009

Saint Helens Turn

We are at the Elks lodge in Saint Helens,
Oregon (map).

We can't see it from our camp site, but there is a lovely view of the Columbia from the lodge's back deck, just downstream of the confluence of the Multnomah Channel and the Saint Helens Turn. The weather was perfect, when we arrived yesterday afternoon, for a glass of wine overlooking the river. The top of Mount Saint Helens, or what's left of it, was also visible in the distance, majestic and covered with snow.

Yesterday we stopped at the Fred Meyer (a Pacific Northwest competitor to Wal-Mart, though significantly more upscale) in Scapoose to top off the fuel tank at $2.299 per gallon (with club card) before heading into Washington, where fuel is 20 cents or so higher. We also stocked up on box wine and a few grocery items while we were there.

Today we will cross the river into Longview, Washington and continue north to Chehalis/Centralia, where there is both a driver license office and a vehicle registration office. There is apparently a city park there with RV parking, and also an Elks lodge, so we should have no trouble finding a spot for the night.

Opal continues to improve and is showing signs of becoming her old self again, although we've created a monster with the wet food -- she is not the least bit interested in the dry kibble any longer. Weaning her off the wet stuff might be our next challenge.

Photo by eldan


  1. Hey glad to hear about Opal. One thing you might want to try is pick up a Natural Balance bar, it's like compressed meat/dog food in sausage form. Grate that over her kibble and see if she eats it. That was a trick we used with Jerry a lot, and it always worked. Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad that Opal is doing better! Bean didn't eat for over a week in March - it's scary to see them get so weak. I'm glad she's eating again - even if it's junk food - at least it's calories for now.


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