Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Cottonwoods are Blooming

The weather has been absolutely perfect here in Sumner, WA. Blue skies, daytime temperatures in the high 70s, and most importantly, no rain. Which is good, because Danny removed the driver side upper front window today and the bus is completely open to the outside right now.

There are a couple of downsides to this arrangement. One is that we have to keep a close eye on the cats, who are fascinated with the window opening. The other is that the cottonwood trees are in full bloom, dropping a fine fluff that floats on the wind.

See for yourself.

Fortunately, neither one of us seems to be allergic to the fluff, and it is easy to clean up. And I'm much happier to have this stuff inside the bus than rain.


  1. Is that an old Newell in the first part of the video?

  2. Now that gave me a smile. Good choice of orchestra. Sort of sounds Boston Pops-ish.
    Curiously, my old man used to call that stuff "balm of Gilliad", but then again, pretty sure he used to make stuff up.
    Keep yer stick on the ice. (and an on the the critters)


  3. oops, missing the "eye" in that last sentence.
    ..."and an eye on the critters". There, that time I went a little slower.

  4. Yes, that is a Newell parked next to us. It is quite the antique, and the three guys who own it use it for tailgating parties.

    @Bob: I thought that version of "Let it Snow" was fun. It has some nice clarinet work in the middle, too.

  5. Hi Louise...thanks for the response! This looks like a late 60's Newell. If you happen to see the owners before you leave it would be interesting to know what year, and what coach # it is. I know Newell Corporation is on the lookout for their vintage coaches, and are in the process of restoring coach #3 right now, which I believe is a 1967.

  6. Fabulous video...music and everything!

  7. There is a "Neoplan Jumbo" listed on E-Bay , ending this morning. It is huge. Looks like someone set it up as a mobile strip club or something. What great possibilities it would have. I don't think one could navigate off the interstate though. Doug S.


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