Monday, June 22, 2009

Dirty lowdown rotten scooter thieves

Update: The scooter has been found and 2 juveniles arrested. That's the good news. The bad news is that it is totally trashed. They ripped off all the custom painted panels, crashed the bike, bent the frame and it is a total loss. What a waste.

A friend had her Vino 125 scooter stolen last night in Vermont. She is absolutely devastated, since she spent many hours customizing it. Since we have readers all over the country, maybe one of you will spot this eye-catching yellow and pink paint job.

Sorry the photo is so small. A much, much larger version is here. The photo hosting service she uses made it tricky for me to figure out how to resize it for our blog.

Sorry, folks. That link produced a photo for me, but apparently creates problems for others. You'll have to make do with the tiny photo.

Update: A real photo is here.

If you see this bike, please call the local police and report it.

Grrrrr! I HATE thieves!


  1. Clicked on the "Here" button, but got the following in large capital letters "YOU ARE GAY, LOLS!"

  2. I got the same message!!!!!!!! Is this some kind of spam??????

  3. The bad link has been removed and a new photo can be found above. Thanks for pointing out the problem! The original photo hosting site does not allow "hot linking" and runs the silly script message. Since I had a cookie that allowed me to see the scooter picture, it never produced the "LOLS" message for me.

    Again, my apologies.

  4. Oh I so hate bike thieves! Had my Gazelle stolen over a month ago. Not insured since I didn't have both keys. I still look for it. Not quite the same price as a Vespa, but at €899, since smarts. Plus I had to walk home.


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