Thursday, August 27, 2009


We are at the Elks Lodge in Amarillo, Texas (map).

Tuesday night I suggested we would be somewhere around Albuquerque Wednesday, chilling out and tackling the project backlog. However by yesterday morning, Atlantic Investigation Area 92 had morphed into Tropical Storm Danny, and we decided we'd best keep moving east in case it takes the westerly edge of the forecast track and makes landfall in the Outer Banks as a hurricane.

By the time we figured out what we were doing, we got a fairly late start out of the Route 66 casino, and we set our sights here on Amarillo. There are a number of places we could have stopped closer to the freeway, but we needed water, so we came here to the Elks, where dry camping is free (we made a small donation for the water), and we could have a 30-amp hookup for $10 if we needed it (we did not). They also appear to have a nice pool here, which we will not get the chance to try.

This morning we spent a couple hours on a Red Cross conference call, and have since been on the phone with follow-up calls. We should be back on the road shortly, with a target for tonight of Oklahoma City. We will be nearly out of fuel by then, and at $2.459, some of the cheapest diesel in the country will be found there. It's hard to believe we paid $1.969 just a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow morning we will sync back up with the NHC forecast track to determine if we need to continue east on I-40, or can angle northwards a bit to stay in a little cooler weather. If it starts to look like Danny will miss the Carolinas, then Massachusetts or Maine becomes a more likely destination anyway.

Photo by gravitywave, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Sean and Louise, Free hookups, 50A water and diesel $2.43 with players club discount. Firelake Grand Casino I-40 25 miles east of OKC exit 178. Would like to meet you guys if you come through here. They have 20 RV spaces with elec and water and about half of them are empty right now. We are in space #5 Allegro Bus tan/black W/Motosat on roof. Steve & Carol

  2. I second Firelake Grand Casino. Blacktopping with a creek and picnic tables behind you. We met Steve and Carol there--good people.


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