Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last hours of bachelorhood

I am parked at the Wal-Mart on Dale Mabry north of the city (map), the same one where I stayed on Friday.

I've spent the last two nights in the parking lot of a business northeast of here. The lot was graciously volunteered by a fellow bus enthusiast, who has installed a 50-amp service there for his own coach. Although it's warmed up considerably since just a few days ago, it was still nice to have the power available to run the electric heaters, which were more than adequate. He was also kind enough to take me to dinner both nights as well.

I am en route to the airport to pick up Louise; her flight should be landing around 11:15 or so. I needed a few groceries, though, and my research also showed a motorcycle salvage just a couple doors south of here, so I pulled up stakes around 3ish this afternoon and rolled over here. I needed to be in position by 3:30 so I could participate on a monthly Red Cross conference call. I've actually got the call on right now in the background.

Once I'm off the phone, I'll run in to do my shopping and also walk down the street to the motorcycle dealer to see if they have a mirror stem that might work for Louise's scooter. I expect to be wrapped up here in plenty of time to roll over to the airport in the daylight. With any luck, Louise's flight will be mostly on time, which will put her on the ground just in time to catch a bite at the airport hotel.

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