Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leaving south Florida

We are once again at the Isle Casino at Pompano Park. We ended up right back here after yesterday's dentist excursion.

The chip turned out to be minor and a relatively simple, no-anesthetic repair. The dentin was exposed in a spot, so after filing down the sharp edges, some composite filling was applied to seal it off. While he was in there, though, the dentist noted caries on four other teeth, and handed me a written set of recommendations -- two fillings and two preventive resin applications, along with crowning one other tooth that has been excavated and filled to the point that nothing else can be done.

Since he had an appointment available today as well, I had originally scheduled to have at least one side done while we were still here in town. We were well parked at the Big Lots store in Plantation, across the street from his office, and I hoped we could just stay until all the work was done. After a half hour wait, I was able to talk to the store manager to ask permission.

While the Big Lots manager had no problem with it, he thought that the Plantation PD would have other ideas, and suggested we contact them. I remember from previous visits to the town that parking is not really allowed anywhere, and regrettably, the Elks lodge there closed down years ago. After contemplating the effort required to clear our stay with the authorities, and the fact that we were really running out of time here anyway, especially should there be any complications during the procedures, I called the dentist back and canceled the appointment, in favor of getting the work done later with less schedule pressure.

By this time it was late in the afternoon, and we decided to stop at the Olive Garden about a mile from there for dinner before heading back here. On top of everything else, it was pouring rain all day yesterday, to the extent that our weather radio was constantly alerting with flash flood warnings. I did have to dodge several very large and deep puddles walking to and from the dentist.

Between the crappy weather and the last-minute dental emergency, we've used up our allotted time here in Fort Lauderdale without reconnecting with anyone at all. We'd like to get underway to head north, so we can have a leisurely drive and still arrive in plenty of time to scope out all the parking options well in advance. So we will be leaving here shortly for Stuart, our interim stop. Most likely we will leave Stuart tomorrow morning for the Elks lodge in Cocoa. To anyone we missed while here in south Florida, I apologize -- we'll be back, I'm sure.

Photo by frankh, used under a Creative Commons license.

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