Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talkin' 'bout China Grove

We are at a Wal-Mart in China Grove, Texas (map). OK, technically, we are in San Antonio, but we are just over the line from China Grove, which we drove through yesterday. And, yes, it's that China Grove, of Doobie Brothers fame.

Once again we've come a bit further than I had expected. We had a pleasant drive yesterday, with the weather finally warming up a bit. It is a part of Texas few people see, but we enjoy it. However, this particular route has few stopping options. Other than a free city park in Cuero, which was really too early to stop, the first decent place to overnight was a picnic area along US-87 west of Stockdale. That was just 45 minutes from here, though, and we decided to keep moving so we would have some dining options and be able to pick up a few supplies. It was a nice picnic area, though, and we've noted it it for the future.

This morning we will try to have lunch at the Plaza Club downtown, assuming we can find parking, before heading west on US-90 to the Rio Grande. We've already done the San Antonio tourist thing some time ago, having seen the Alamo and done the river walk. Louise's video of the river walk is here.

1 comment:

  1. I was wondering if it was 'that' china grove or not...

    thanks... now guess what is running through my head!?!... at least it is Good music! LOL.

    safe travels!-


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