Monday, May 10, 2010

Drydock 2010

We are in the shop at Infinity Coach, in Sumner, Washington (map). As I type, I mean that literally -- they pulled us in this morning for the official start of our week of maintenance.

We actually arrived here Wednesday evening. After leaving the Red Wind casino, we spent a couple hours in a parking lot in Yelm while Louise washed all the linen from the cat disaster. From there we contemplated heading right back to Red Wind, perhaps catching the $15 Cinco de Mayo buffet, but we opted instead to continue east. We stopped in Puyallup, hoping we could overnight in the Wal-Mart there within walking distance of the Olive Garden, but there were signs posted forbidding overnight parking, even though it was not on our most recent no-no list.

We could have stopped at the Elks lodge in town, or at the casino in Tacoma, but decided to just show up here a day earlier than planned. We had expected to be here Thursday night anyway, so that we could do a walk-through on Friday and go over the project list. That gave us a chance to get a few things put away and another couple of our own projects done without having to move again. This area is very familiar to us, and we've visited several of our favorite haunts since we settled in.

Today we've got the commode out and the flooring peeled back in the bathroom, as we replace a section of rotted subfloor. Water has been entering through the window, running down inside the wall, and getting into the floor. We'll have the window sealed up, too, but we probably will not deal with any damage inside the wall. It's not really visible behind the Sunbrella fabric wall covering, and it's not structural. If and when we ever have to replace the wall coverings in there, we will replace the backer board at the same time.

With any luck, we'll have the commode back in place by the end of the day. Otherwise, we'll be looking for a hotel room tonight. The rest of the work should be less disruptive. As they say in comedy, "We'll be here all week."

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  1. Hi Sean, several times when we have come across "No Overnight Parking" signs in Walmarts we have asked anyway and have been told to go ahead for one night. I think many times they do it so they have one more level of control over who is parking. It is easier to say "No" with the sign there.


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