Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a difference a day makes

We are at a Forest Service campground on McGregor Lake, off US2 just west of Kalispell, Montana (map). We are the only people here, not counting the camp hosts, whose site is actually over in the day use area.

When we arrived around 5pm yesterday, there were still two sites occupied, apparently by the same group, who were simply late in departing from their holiday outing. The hosts told us the place had been full, but uneventful, with only one ranger call-out. The ranger station is 70 miles away.

It's a lovely spot overlooking a clear blue lake, just a short distance east of the Thompson chain of lakes where we stayed five years ago. We thought we might go all the way to Kalispell yesterday, but stopped here just to check it out. While $12 for dry camping is normally a bit steep for us in such unpopulated territory, the spot was so idyllic we just had to stop. I've been marinating a nice tri-tip since we left the Wal-Mart, and the holiday crowd left so much firewood behind that I was able to grill it up over a nice bed of wood coals in short order.

In a few minutes we will head east to Kalispell, where our mail is due to arrive later today. I expect we will spend tonight there at the Elks lodge.


  1. One of the ISPs that I used to manage had a POP in Kalispell. If I remember right it was a TNT, on a T-1 with a Cisco router all in the back of a Pizza place :-) I bet if I dug around I could find a picture.

  2. If you get a chance stop by Moose's for a pizza, it is so good, I have driven down from Calgary just for the pizza...lol. Big parking lot at the shopping mall across the street also.


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