Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back on the street

We are parked on an industrial side street in Redwood City (map), just off Veterans Boulevard. There are two other rigs here, and there is an RV service facility just a few feet away, helping to lend some legitimacy to the spot. Because it is a city street, we are limited to 72 hours in this spot, which will take us until tomorrow afternoon. A car parked across from us seems to have tested the limit, as evidenced by a bright green sticker on the driver window; a tow truck picked it up yesterday.

We had hoped to be in our cozy digs over at the Bair Island Marina, where we had access to showers, rest rooms, and even a small laundry facility. As I wrote in my last post, that's where we headed Saturday afternoon, and we had an uneventful night Saturday. Sunday we strolled down to the dock and went out on the boat with Martin and Steph for a pleasant lunch at anchor on the bay, and to practice our anchoring technique. We took turns driving the boat and operating the windlass.

When we returned to the marina the assistant dockmaster informed us that they had a visit from the USFWS ranger, who told them all the vehicles in the refuge lot needed to be moved out or would be towed. She had got the impression that they would be checking over the next couple of days to make sure all the vehicles were gone. We were already in the middle of our first glass of wine when we found out, and it was fairly late in the day, so we decided to move in the morning.

Sure enough, while we were at dinner the ranger came by right at closing time and left us a warning. By then it was just us and a truck with a flat tire that had been there since our arrival three weeks ago. I'm glad we were out when he came by, since that made Odyssey simply "parked" and not anything more nefarious.

So we got a final two nights there before we had to turn our keys and parking passes back in and find other digs. Fortunately, we had already scoped out this spot as well as several others in the area when we first arrived, and we already know where we will be moving tomorrow when our 72 hours is up. Now that things have settled down and we are a bit less frantic, I'm trying to line up visits with more of our bay area friends over the next week or so.


  1. LOL. Who knew that "Odyssey" was an actual bus manufacturer? Where can I buy one? ;)

  2. Alyse & ChrisApr 14, 2011, 11:25:00 AM

    Wait...what???You breezed through the boating practice so quickly!! Inquiring minds want to know: How'd it go? If you are still near Salty Sam and her mate please give them a hearty Argggh from SANDY HOOK. Hugs to Captain Louise too.


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