Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battery day


We are at the Camping World in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (map). As last time, all the spaces with hookups are taken by rigs that look not to have moved in many months; we recognized a couple from our last visit in October. I would say that the notion there might ever be a pedestal available for customer use here is a snare and a delusion.

No matter, since an ongoing rainstorm that has not stopped since we arrived has dropped the outside temperature into the 70s. We survived fine all evening with no A/C, and we put one unit on the very lowest setting overnight so that it would not be too humid to sleep. The generator auto-started twice, and we got a bit more time between runs once I set the LBCO down to 22.2 from where we normally keep it, 22.6. No point trying to preserve the batteries now.

We were hoping to just walk next door to the Days Inn, wherein I noted a Mexican restaurant on our last visit, for dinner. However, we noticed the sign had been eliminated and concluded the restaurant was no longer in business. With it still pouring outside, we elected to drive the bus over to a nearby local establishment, Serafino's, and have a look at the battery place on the way.

We ended up parking (with permission) at the gymnastics studio next door because the lot at Serafino's was a bit tight. We had a pizza, which was excellent, and the wine was a 12 ounce (really) pour for $6. We chatted briefly with owner Dan, who was very pleasant. It is off the beaten track, so they get few tourists in there, but we can highly recommend it. It is a classic pizza-and-Italian joint, with a pool table, a couple of arcade games, and a handful of tables, and featuring a large counter window where to-go items are picked up. We'll definitely be going back whenever we stay here at CW, as it is an easy scooter ride.

This morning I emptied out the tunnel, and in a few minutes we will be heading over to Carolina Energy Distributors to get our batteries.

Photo by Matthias Rhomberg, used under a Creative Commons license.

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