Friday, August 5, 2011

Cheapest camping this month

We are at the Camping World store in Pooler, Georgia (map), outside of Savannah. The store here has four 50-amp hookups for customers staying overnight; all four spaces were occupied when we rolled up yesterday afternoon, but within 15 minutes one of them opened up, and another one cleared a half hour later. We went into the store and dropped $18 on some miscellaneous items, making this the cheapest spot yet this month.

We came here yesterday, rather than anyplace more scenic, to see what Tropical Storm Emily had in store for us. By the time we got settled in, though, the National Hurricane Center had already issued its last advisory on the storm, declaring it to be merely a remnant low. With no threat from Emily and nothing else on the radar, we're free to settle in for a few days, so I just made a reservation for the next three nights at nearby Skidaway Island State Park. They have plenty of space, and we could have just rolled in, but the web site suggests there might be a 25% discount in August, and the person who answered the phone at the park said she thought we'd need to have a reservation before they could honor the discount. We'll see how it goes.

After we arrived yesterday we deployed the dish, only to find the satellite modem dead. Wow, déjà vu all over again -- the last time we stayed here, we were also working on the satellite modem. The inverter had tripped off on our way here, which sometimes happens when one of the A/C compressors starts, and apparently that took out the power supply to the modem. I didn't figure this out until the backup modem I replaced it with had the same symptoms; swapping in the spare power supply fixed it. Oddly, the supply tested good with the voltmeter, so the failure is load-related.

Last night we also noticed that, despite 50 amps, we were pulling power out of the batteries to run the A/C, even though we were not nearly at the incoming limit. It took me a while to figure out that the charger thought the batteries were overcharged. I need to adjust some settings, and possibly move the temperature sensor, which was causing an overcompensation in the reading.


  1. Absolutely love Skidaway Island campground. Spent a few nights there a few years ago when we were still pulling a fifth wheel. "Discovered" it by accident. Great place!


  2. What a deal of a campground!
    Just discovered your blog recently. Looks like we've got alot of the same background (many years in Silicon Valley...retired a few years back). We're also full-timing around in a 40-footer, but she's not quite as good-looking as yours :) Look forward to following you on your travels!


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