Thursday, December 22, 2011

From space to treasure

We are at the Elks lodge in Port St. Lucie, Florida (map). We'd spent a week here this time last year, so we thought we knew right where to park, and we were looking forward to a friendly lodge which we remembered as having a nice bar and the occasional dinner. Unfortunately the lodge is closed for remodeling, and apparently has been since July, although there is nary a mention of it on the official web site, and the phones go unanswered with no message.

Actually, our hearts sank when we initially approached, because it almost appeared the place had been razed. The 15+ acres of woods that had surrounded the lodge (and visible, at this writing, in the satellite view) have been bulldozed in an unrelated stormwater management project being undertaken by the city. The area that was normally used for RV parking and where we stayed last year has been given over to the construction trailer and equipment parking for that project, we assume a loan from the lodge to the prime contractor, and instead we've parked in the front part of the main parking lot, since the lodge is closed anyway.

Of course, with no way to check, we had to assume that contractors would start arriving for both projects first thing this morning, and so we parked oriented for a speedy exit and set an early alarm, just in case. So far we've seen only two contractor trucks for the lodge remodeling, and the stormwater folks don't seem to be using this part of the lot, so we lucked out. Our original plan to spend two nights here is out, though, and we'll be moving along shortly.

Our destination is Stuart, just five miles south, where we will meet up with our friend and broker Curtis Stokes to look at several boats. Most of the boats are at the docks of the Krogen and Nordhavn brokerages there, conveniently located in the same building with an even more convenient empty lot right next door where we can park the bus. This is the very same lot where we spent three days a couple years ago for Trawler Expo.

As I ranted here last year, we can no longer stay overnight in Stuart, and so when we are done for the day we will head north, probably to Fort Pierce where I scoped out several overnight options back in January when Louise did her training cruise. Tomorrow we will meet up with our friends in Vero Beach.

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  1. Sean,
    Just to show you how crazy one of your readers is, I asked you about not being able to find all of August 2007 post on 12/9/11 and you told me how to see them.

    I am now caught up to the last post as of today. LOL

    BTW besides the boat with Detroit's I have a Scamp travel trailer.

    Bill Kelleher


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