Sunday, January 15, 2012

Georgian short cut


We are at the Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia (map). The most direct route from Tallahassee to Montgomery cuts through the very southwestern corner of the state, entering on US27, which we've been following since Perry, and continuing on US84, which will take us all the way to Dothan, Alabama. From there, US231 will take us the rest of the way to Montgomery.

Just across the street, the Charter House Inn has a cocktail lounge that serves dinner, but the smell of the cooking pasta e fagioli wafting downstairs from the crock pot all afternoon sealed our fate. Good to know, though, for the next time we come through. We did go into the store to stock up on groceries after we arrived, and I was tempted to walk across the parking lot to Sonic this morning for breakfast, but I resisted.

This afternoon we will depart the state and the Eastern Time Zone for the foreseeable future. I expect we will land at (what else?) another Walmart this evening, in Ozark, Alabama. I'd like to actually get a bit closer to Montgomery, but there are not really any overnight options. There is a Walmart in Troy, but it does not allow overnight parking, which is how we ended up in Ozark the last time we took this route, in the other direction.

Photo by eabenes, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Hi, Sean!

    A quick question: How much more "difficult" would it be if, when I click on the "map" of where you & Louise are at the time you're writing your blog, it pops open in a new tab/window?

    Safe travels, maybe we'll touch base if you get out here to the Left Coast again?


  2. @RJ: Very difficult on my end, since Blogger does not give me that option when I post the link. Easy, however, on your end: just right-click the link (instead of left-clicking) and choose "Open link in new tab" (or similar wording, depending on which browser you use).

  3. found a great boat for you guys!

  4. Great blog...awesome bus!!

    I too am on the's been a trip!

    Keep up the posting, you folks have done some serious travelling!



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