Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Texan


We are at the Walmart in Jasper, Texas (map). We got a bit of a late start from Alexandria yesterday after stopping at the mall, but I ended up with a much-needed light jacket to replace the one that I've more or less worn out. We hit the Toledo Bend reservoir late in the afternoon in driving rain, and seriously considered stopping at the South Toledo Bend State Park, on the Louisiana side, which has a campground with electric hookups for $16.

Ultimately we decided to use what was left of the daylight to make a bit more progress, in order to reduce our driving load today and tomorrow somewhat. After crossing the dam we pulled over for a restroom break, and while we were sitting there a truck from the dam operating authority pulled up; we thought he was going to ask us to move along, but instead he asked if we needed a place to park for the night. Apparently there is a small area on the Texas side we could have used if we wanted it; we thanked him and opted to continue to Jasper, but this is good to know, as it was not in my directory.

We pulled in here just before sundown. We had a quiet night in this corner of the lot, and this morning we stocked up on groceries. In a few minutes we will continue west; in order to make Austin tomorrow night, we will need to be somewhere near College Station tonight.

Photo of a Prairie Warbler at the east end of Toledo Bend Dam by jerryoldenettel, used under a Creative Commons license.

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