Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Au revoir, Paris

Today is our last day behind Paris. We've been here for four nights, and I figure we dropped enough money between Paris and Caesar's (part of the same outfit, along with Planet Hollywood, Bally's, and the Flamingo, all right on this corner) to make our stay here kosher. There are signs along both sides of the parking area indicating that it is parking for guests of these casinos only and that others will be towed. The photo above is the view from our digs, with Planet Hollywood on the left and Paris on the right. In between you can make out the spa tower at Bellagio and part of Montgolfier's Balloon.

After the food extravaganza over the weekend, Monday night we figured to do something very casual, and so we walked to the nearby Ellis Island Casino and Brewery, which is pretty much a locals-only joint. The place was surprisingly busy and we had a short wait to be seated, but the food was quite good and a great value. In addition to nightly specials, they run a special all the time involving a 10-ounce steak, vegetable, choice of starch, side salad, and a 22-ounce draft beer from their brewhouse for $8, and even at that price the steak was surprisingly good.

Yesterday we had a Red Cross conference call mid-day, and caught up on some chores around the house. Early in the evening our friends Ben and Karen dropped by in their shiny new bright red Mini Countryman. Before we left the bus, I enjoyed a nice Ménage à Trois with them while Louise chose something sweeter.

We all piled into the Mini and headed off to the Foundation Room atop the Mandalay Bay. This is a favorite spot of theirs, and it turns out that our Capital Club membership gets us access to this private club, so we whizzed past the velvet rope. We enjoyed another cocktail in a soft living-room setting, with a fantastic view over the strip from the adjoining balcony.

We ended up having a nice Thai dinner at a casual local place far away from the strip, a BYOB affair where we also had a great coupon deal. Afterwards we swung by the parking lot at Arizona Charlies just a couple miles from where they are staying to check it out as an option for the next couple of nights. In a few minutes we will head up that way and see how it works out.


  1. My wife and I enjoyed our visit to the Fireside Lounge ( when we were in Vegas a few months ago. Yes, there really are firepits in the lounge. And yes the breakfast we had in the diner was good.


  2. Thanks for the post Sean. We are picking up our rental RV in Vegas and will only be leaving the following day, so we are thinking of booking a room at the Paris Hotel and leaving the RV in the parking lot. As first time RVers, I was worried about leaving the RV unattended over there security to watch over the vehicles at night ? Wouldn't want our first night with the RV to cause us any issues.

    Thanks for the post !

    Mark from Canada.

    1. There is security in the parking areas (we saw them patrol) and there are cameras *everywhere* in Vegas. That said, you might ask Security explicitly where the most secure place to park is located; since you are a guest in the hotel and not staying on board they may have other options for you.

      Everyone has a different risk tolerance, but, FWIW, we never felt like there was any issue leaving our rig unattended behind Paris. We made it a point to say hello to the security patrols and make it clear we were spending time and money in the casinos.


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