Thursday, February 2, 2012



We are at a rest area on Interstate 10, just a few miles east of Van Horn, Texas (map). Had I realized that the lone business in Kent, maybe 20 minutes east of here, was now defunct, we might well have stopped at that exit instead, but we were already past the ramp when we realized it.

We did pull off at Boracho Station, basically an off-ramp to a set of dirt crossroads at which we've stayed before. But after a quick refresher evaluation, we decided that it was just as close to the freeway as this rest area, equally likely to have a bunch of trucks idling all night nearby, and lacking any other amenities, and so we continued here, thinking that at least we would get free WiFi.

As with the last full-fledged Texas rest area at which we stayed, the WiFi was down when we arrived, with no signal at all from the AP. Oh well -- you get what you pay for, I guess. I did call it in, so perhaps it will be working for some future guest. At least we have a nice grass dog-walking area here as well as a ramada, table, and trash barrel. The idling trucks and even the freeway noise does not really bother us, especially when, as last night, it is cold enough to sleep with the coach completely buttoned up.

The city of Van Horn is just a few miles ahead, and to look at it, you'd think there are dozens of places around town at which to park, including a completely abandoned defunct RV park and hotel across from Chuy's restaurant (of John Madden Haul of Fame fame, though few others who've eaten there can understand why). However, the city has an ordinance against overnight RV parking, which they have begun aggressively enforcing according to many reports around the 'net. There are two truck stops in town, and Chuy's will also let you park in their lot overnight upon request, but we'd really rather not leave any of our money in a town that is so RV-unfriendly.

Too bad, really, because the historic 1930's Hotel El Capitan, complete with bar and restaurant, has recently reopened after a multi-million dollar renovation, and we'd have like to try it for dinner and cocktails, on the condition we could park somewhere in staggering distance. With that option unavailable, we'll have to settle for seeing it on a roll-by today, and the hotel will have to get by without our business.

Tonight we should be in El Paso, most likely at one of the several Walmarts around town. First, though, we will stop at one of a handful of gas stations on the southeastern outskirts of town to fill our fuel tank. Texas has the cheapest diesel from here to the west coast.

Photo by jayRaz, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. We found the same thing when we checked out Kent. I just updated that in the Escapees Day's End directory. It does look like an OK place to overnight.

    Keep on coming west, it's warm here!

  2. Yep its a long way to nowhere out there in West Texas...Almost just as easy to keep on moving. Its been nice here in the Phoenix area the last few days.

  3. To bad I just got back from El Paso. Was there visiting friends. It would have been nice to meet in person as I have been following your blog for a while. Post which part of town you are staying, east side, west side, ect. I may be able to suggest a few places to eat.


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