Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adios, San Buenaventura

We are again parked on the street in Ventura, California (map), whose official name can be found in today's title. We saw this spot on our way to the Banfield, two long blocks west in a large shopping center. There were a few restaurants in the same shopping center, and we thought it would be nice to just walk to dinner.

There's on-street parking with no restrictive signs another block west, too, which would have been a closer walk. But that's in front of the police station, and we thought it best not to test the limits of selective enforcement. It was a bit rainy when we walked to dinner, but it felt good to get out anyway. We chose Romano's Macaroni Grill, which was a mistake, because we got the $25 promotion involving two tapas and two entrees, which was way too much food (that we ate anyway).

Today is a sunny day with clear blue skies, and it would be a perfect day for a drive along the coast if not for the high wind advisory that has been issued, with specific warnings for high-profile vehicles. Still, now that the weekend crowds will be gone, we'll at least get out of Ventura and see if we can find a spot a little further along. We'll probably bypass the Rincon Parkway, as the winds will undermine the experience there anyway, and perhaps try to find a spot at the Santa Barbara Elks. We need water, anyway, and the batteries could use a good soak.

We ended up spending all afternoon at the vet. They took her in right at the 2pm appointment time, but between drawing blood and then trying to also get a urine sample, a fruitless endeavor, they had George all the way past 5pm. We each did a little browsing elsewhere in the shopping center during the 4+ hours we were parked there. We were glad to find legal parking so close by when we were finished. The vet gave George some sub-q fluids and she seems to be feeling a little better today. The doctor also gave us a green light to try glucosamine supplements to help with the kitty's stiff hips. That treatment can take up to a month before it helps, so Louise has ordered some supplies and we'll see what happens.

In a few minutes we will pack up and brave the winds for a short drive on the coast highway.