Thursday, August 2, 2012

Depression Five

We are at the Southgate Village mobile home park in Vero Beach, Florida (map). This is a traditional mobile home park (as distinct from an RV park) that has a handful of spaces available for transient RVs. The place is deserted, as most of the residents are here seasonally, in the winter. We had the pool to ourselves this afternoon.

We're here because it's the closest (and least expensive) option to our friends Chris and Alyse here in town, just three miles away. For $33 we have 50 amps of power and full hookups, plus the aforementioned pool. Last night we rode over for a great visit wherein they fixed us a wonderful home-cooked dinner. Cocktails and conversation lasted well into the evening and we left when Chris could no longer keep his eyes open. We might be right back here on Saturday if the timing works out.

In the meantime, we have our eye on Tropical Depression Five, which we've been tracking since it was Investigation Area 99L. The storm is struggling to survive, but if it does, it may well become Tropical Storm Ernesto, and if it manages to sneak around the west end of Cuba into the gulf, it could become a problem. Frankly, we're hoping it does just that, but at TD rather than TS levels, because the center of the country could really, really use the rain.

In a few minutes we will head to North Palm Beach to see a boat, and I expect we will end up tonight at the Elks in West Palm Beach.

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  1. Definitely yes on the rain. I hope we get some. While the bad storms have been really crappy, especially the power outages, the rain and cool weather would be very much appreciated.

    Hope you're enjoying FL. The pool sounds great! I wish I had the time/energy to hit the pool, I haven't been at all this summer.


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