Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cornhuskers for a night

We are at the Walmart in Nebraska City, Nebraska (map).  Our drive yesterday might well have been mind-numbing, but was actually pleasant, owing mostly to the fact that we are now into fall colors here in the Midwest.

We made a stop yesterday for fuel, in Kansas City, where a station attached to a HyVee grocery store had diesel for $3.759 per gallon, with an additional $0.05 off for buying groceries, which we needed anyway.  I managed to squeeze 216 gallons into the tank at $3.709, the lowest we will see now all the way to the west coast.  We'll top it up again a few more times, as fuel gets more expensive the further west we go.

Tonight we will be in Sioux Falls, and in the morning we have an appointment with our estate attorneys to sign the documents.  That more or less completes our move to the state of South Dakota.  On our way out of town we will stop at our property in Lennox and meet with someone who can keep it mowed, as required by the city.  I'm not sure I will get a chance to post from Sioux Falls, so it may be Friday by the time you hear from us again.

I have received a great many more comments regarding my post title from Monday.  In fairness to the folks who perhaps missed the wordplay, I should point out that the posts I make here are automatically fed to my Twitter account, and my Twitter feed is automatically sent to my Facebook timeline.  Because Twitter only accepts 140 characters, anyone following me on Facebook sees just the title and the first line or so of these posts, unless they also click the link to the original post.  So most Facebook followers would have seen the title, but not enough of the body to know what it referenced.  I suspect very, very few of my Facebook friends actually click through and read the blog.


  1. String a fence - buy a couple of goats - save on mowing. And get an occasional stew when you are passing through S.Dakota.

  2. Like you, we've established residency here in the fair state of South Dakota. We're in Madison tonight, in fact. I have read and re-read your posts about your residency steps. I have a question for you, if you don't mind sharing. Wonder if you're pleased with the estate planning attorney you chose? If so would you share the name with us? That's our next step in the process. Thanks, A.


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