Wednesday, November 20, 2013

George Report

Just a quick update here, as many folks have written in (or called) directly or in the comments to express their concerns and sympathy about George.  She is back home and is her old self after a few hours on IV fluids.  The doctor described her as "feisty."  She seems no worse for wear, although her sister, who dreams of being an only-cat, is not happy.

In other news, the forecast on the sounds is actually improving, so it looks as if we will shove off as planned first thing tomorrow morning.  It will probably be a lonely run -- the lock was unable to open at all today, and we are the only boat on either of the free docks here in Chesapeake. Even Atlantic Yacht Basin seems devoid of southbound cruisers at the moment.


  1. I've no idea of any medical connection, but our old boy "Buckwheat" scared us with seizures occasionally, but went to live another 4 years happy and healthy. The seizures were so rare I accused him of just doing it for the drama after a while. We sure hope George is back aboard soon.

  2. My Uncle's miniature schnauzer was having seizures for a while an it was discovered they were being caused by the leaves he was eating off a bush in the back yard.
    (just a thought in case George might be finding something to nibble on)

  3. I'm so glad the kitteh is doing well. I've unhappily discovered it's difficult to navigate life's journeys, or even every day stuff, without a good cat by my side. Did I really ever do laundry alone? :)


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