Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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We are in the Atlantic southeast of Edisto Island, South Carolina (map, more or less).  We had an uneventful crossing the the North Edisto bar this morning, which we did at high tide.  The bar is ten feet MLLW, which would put just four feet under our keel -- too close for comfort in any kind of swell.  At high tide, though, we saw depths no lower than 15.5'.

We spent last night in Bohicket Creek (map), just north of tony Seabrook Island.  The creek is very familiar to us, having been up and down that stretch of water twice in Vector and, myself, once more in a center console.  It's really the closest anchorage to the inlet, some five miles or so from the bar.  Arriving at the bar at high slack had us pushing against two knots in the last mile of the river.

This whole area is rife with dolphins, and the North Edisto seems to be a favorite feeding ground for them -- they gave us a nice send-off.  We also passed a gaggle of school children on the beach along the river on Seabrook, we assume on a class environmental outing.  They waved and we returned the salute with a couple of blasts on the Kahlenberg.

Conditions are a bit choppy out here today, and the stabilizers are working hard.  But the boat is running fine and we are looking for things to do that don't involve too much standing up or walking around.  Here at 10am we still have nearly four hours to the turn into the Port Royal Sound entrance channel.  I'm glad we are still close enough to shore to get Internet service.

Once we make the turn we will still have nearly two hours to the anchorage, and I am hoping we will have the hook set well before 4pm.  We should be in Skull Creek, off the northern corner of Hilton Head Island.  I am hoping we will have Internet access there, too, but it is hard to count on here in the remote Low Country.

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