Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Troubleshooting the stabilizers

Fixing anything requires crawling over, under, or through something else.

The Naiad guy says Vector isn't too bad in this regard.


  1. Oh man, once I got in there (second photo) I think I'd start to have visions of not being able to get back out again. Gah!

  2. Once upon a time I weighed a whole lot less, but then again, I knew a lot less, too. Now that I know enough to fix what needs fixing, I can't get to it because I added a whole 'nother body to this one. Once I got under there, you'd be using the anchor windlass to haul me out!

  3. FWIW, the cabinet in the second photo is the access to the mysterious under-helm space that I have taken to calling my "man cave." I've been in there now for a few dozen hours -- the space rounds the corner past the helm (wheel) itself and goes all the way to the starboard side of the pilothouse. I usually go through a single cabinet door, just as Vic-the-Naiad-guy is doing here (and, fortunately, the Naiad box is just inside the door opening, to the right). However, the vertical piece between the two doors does come off, with four screws, and I offered Vic more than once to remove it. He prides himself on being willing and able to get into tight quarters. Considering Vic is not a mere field service technician, but rather is the manager of global service for all of Naiad, I consider that an admirable quality, as he is setting a great example for his team.

    I did, in fact, remove the upright for a week or so while I was doing the great under-helm electronics rewiring project. Squeezing through a single door requires rotating the hips mid-crawl, and that gets old pretty fast.


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