Thursday, July 31, 2014

Relaxing week in NYC

We are still anchored just north of Pier-i off about W. 72nd in New York City.  We've been here six nights, mostly just catching our breath from the whirlwind trip up the east coast from Florida.  This has been a great spot to do it, with wonderful city vistas in all directions, and 99-cent a day WiFi access courtesy of NYC Parks.

We've also been paying the $26 daily dinghy-landing fee to the marina, which sounds high as dinghy fees go, but is a bargain compared to any other boat-in options in Manhattan.  That lets us go ashore to walk the neighborhood, take in more of Riverside Park, and wander to dinner each evening somewhere along Amsterdam or Columbus avenues.

The weather has been fantastically cooperative -- July can be hot and muggy here, but we've seen mostly temperatures in the 70s with moderate humidity.  The boat has been comfortable without any sort of climate control, and walking has been very pleasant.  We even took a stroll through Central Park -- Louise's first.

Sunday our friends from California dropped by and we had a nice afternoon aboard the boat, followed by dinner at the Boat Basin Cafe, basically a burger joint tucked under a roundabout overlooking the marina.  In the middle of the roundabout is what used to be a fountain, now covered with a platform upon which are dining tables.  It's a strange arrangement, but incredibly popular; it's been packed every evening -- we have to walk right through it to get from the marina docks to 79th street.

Other than walking the local neighborhood, we did not do any sightseeing.  We'll be back, possibly on the return trip this fall, and we'll spend another couple of days.  Growing up here, there's not much really that I want to see, but I do want to get to the WTC memorial, as that locale was an integral aspect of my youth, and I'd also like to see the High Line.

In a short while the flood will begin, and we will weigh anchor for Haverstraw, where we will visit with my aunt and uncle.  It's about a five hour cruise, and should be relaxing with the current behind us the whole way.  We will pass many familiar landmarks on our way -- this next stretch of river is the closest to where I grew up.


  1. Great to hear you had some time to relax. You seem to always a project or projects of some kind going on.


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