Thursday, March 5, 2015

Green Turtle

We are anchored in White Sound, the largest and deepest of three harbors on Green Turtle Cay (map). We dropped the hook here Monday afternoon after a very pleasant cruise from Fox Town. The marina I mentioned in my last post, the Bluff House, is just across the harbor from us; we did not need it since we got the genny going, but we did tender over there for a nice dinner one evening.

Vector in the anchorage, as seen from Blossom.  Green Turtle Club is at the right.

We're actually anchored much closer to the other marina in this harbor, the Green Turtle Club. My information said they were too shallow for us but it looks like there is just enough water on the outside face dock. We had a couple of nice dinners there, too, and we've been taking advantage of their WiFi, which has a strong signal but slow and spotty Internet connectivity.

Tuesday we all rode over to the settlement, New Plymouth, in Blossom's larger and faster tender. The town is in a different harbor. We found trash dumpsters for cruisers at the public docks and offloaded all the trash we'd accumulated since leaving Florida. We also hit up three different grocery stores and added a very small amount to our produce stash. We did not need it, but fresh milk was also available.

New Plymouth, from the hill at the south edge of town.

We've been using up our prepaid cellular data pretty quickly and so we also reloaded the phones; in New Plymouth that happens at the liquor store. Rum is reasonably priced here but other liquor and wine is about double stateside pricing, and beer is treble. We also checked out two hardware stores, which were fairly well stocked, with pricing about half again as much to double those in the states.

This morning we will weigh anchor at high tide to make our way back out the very shallow entrance channel of the harbor. Tonight we should be anchored off Man-o-War Cay, staged for the outside run from the Abacos to somewhere on the Grand Bahama Bank. We've been studying the weather, and the window we thought would come on Monday had moved up to Sunday by yesterday evening, and this morning it's looking like tomorrow will actually be the best day.

Blossom is planning on an overnight run from Man-o-War to the southwest end of New Providence. We are still weighing the pros and cons of following them versus getting an early morning start and making a one-day run to Egg Island and thence to the Fleeming Channel. If tomorrow's the day, we'll need to decide by the time we turn in this evening.

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