Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chugging upriver

We are under way on Lake Guntersville, continuing upriver toward Chattanooga. We spent last night at the very nice free dock in the town of Guntersville, Alabama (map). It was an easy walk to dinner downtown at the Old Town Stockhouse. We also stopped at a c-store to replenish our beer supply, and the city had recycling barrels right by the dock, so we offloaded the rest of our recyclables as well.

Vector at the city dock in Guntersville. That's the town's rescue boat behind us; we had the dock to ourselves.

There is much more shoreline infrastructure on this lake than we've seen heretofore on the river. Most of the shoreline is lined with nice houses, most with docks. Scattered around are a handful of small craft marinas and several campgrounds. There are a few commercial wharves in Guntersville itself.

I'd been to Guntersville before. It was one of the many service delivery locations that my technology team was supporting after the devastating tornado swarm of April 27, 2011. I was based in Birmingham at operation headquarters, but in the later stages as our staff shrank, I did make it out to several of our other locations throughout the state. I developed a great fondness for this area at the time.

Tonight we should be anchored along the river someplace, probably in the general neighborhood of the Captain John Snodgrass Bridge.


  1. I am curious to know what effect being on fresh water for so long has had in regards to cleaning and scraping the bottom of your boat? Does any existing saltwater barnacles die (and maybe flake off)?



    1. Hi Kenneth.

      We were not in salt water long enough after our bottom job at Snead Island to get a lot of marine growth. But, yes, organisms that depend upon salinity will die in fresh water. They won't simply drop off, though -- barnacle cement is insidious.


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