Saturday, December 22, 2007

Small Space Saturday: One Minute Projects

On Saturdays I write about strategies for living in 300 square feet

Over on the Clutter Control Freak Blog, Jan wrote a nice piece on One Minute Projects to Keep Control of Clutter. It's a room by room list of small tasks anyone can do to keep a home clean and organized.

I like these sorts of lists. Sometimes an item jumps out at me and I get up and go do just that one thing. On this list, it was number 4: Pick up dog or cat hair. That needs to happen a lot on Odyssey. And I really agree with the idea that doing a few fast, easy tasks every day beats letting it all pile up into a huge chore later.

Those of us who are lucky enough to live in moving homes could add a number of items that are specific to keeping the vehicle part clean:

Wash the windshield
Wipe the dashboard
Clean the crumbs out of the crease of the driver's seat
Shake out the floor mats
Neatly fold the maps

But what struck me even more about this list was the number of items that are just complete non-issues in an RV:

Clean the cobwebs in the corners
Wipe the dust off of picture frames
Dust a dresser
Dust the wall hangings (?!?)
Clean a light bulb of smoke and dirt

I'm glad I don't have to worry about those!

Most of the other items on the list would take much less than a minute to complete in a rig, which means there's really no excuse for things getting out of control. Which is good, because I've been so tired at the end of each day that I haven't been motivated to do much cleaning at all. A few swipes at the fur, a half-hearted dusting of the counter tops, and a daily commitment to making the bed is about as much as I've done. And yet the bus looks...about the same as always.

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