Sunday, November 9, 2008

The interconnected web of... the Web

We are at the Wal-Mart in Kosciusko, Mississippi (map), convenient to the Trace and familiar to us from a previous visit.

After we left LeFleur's Bluff yesterday morning, we headed over to the Flying-J for 170 gallons of diesel. I was happy to see that the cash price had dropped another few cents over night, now posted at $2.679.

My joy turned to anger when I went inside to pick up my fuel ticket -- apparently, Flying-J has discontinued its policy of providing the "cash" discount to credit-card customers who use their "Real Value" rewards program. So I ended up paying the $0.09 per gallon credit surcharge, costing me an extra fifteen bucks. Had I only known, I would have paid cash. When we last fueled at a Flying-J, back in July (at $4.43 per gallon -- gasp), they were still giving the discount. Harumph.

We did have a lovely drive, though, once we got back on the Parkway. Fall color is still in evidence, although things are getting browner as we get further north. Unlike our last jaunt down this stretch three years ago, when we were hustling to meet a schedule, we are slow-rolling out way north, and so we stopped and did the 20-minute nature walk through a baldcypress/tupelo swamp a little south of here.

We stopped here at the Wal-Mart because we expected, on a Saturday night, that the free Park Service campground another hour north of here might be full. We'd like to stay there on this trip, and tarrying here a night puts us there on Sunday, where our chances for a spot are much better. Assuming we do get a spot, there is a good chance we'll be off line again due to trees. While we were here, we picked up some needed supplies, including extra coolant -- it's dropping into the 30's now, and we lose quite a bit of coolant (and air) as a result.

This morning, Louise was checking in on our web site statistics. Our readership drops off significantly while we are on Red Cross operations, mostly because we just don't post very much then. Now that I am posting more frequently, readers are coming back, and she's been checking up on where folks are coming from. That led us to this post on a heavy-duty towing forum about our recent experience getting stuck in the sand. Which just goes to show, the Web is truly interconnected, and you shouldn't ever post anything that you can't live with forever -- things have a way of coming back around. As you can see, once she found it, Louise felt compelled to chime in.

In a few minutes, we will return the RedBox video we rented last night (The Amateurs -- don't bother), and head back onto the Trace.


  1. WOW! My jaw dropped when I saw that guy's post, too funny. Louise, you were SO nice there.

  2. Yeah, well, never p*$$ off your tow truck driver :-)

    We all know that the 18-wheelers talk about us, and so do the heavy duty towers. I just wanted them to know that on the internet, you never know who is listening.

    I really like that one guy's signature says, "If we don't take care of our customers, someone else will." I also think it is really 21st Century that there is an entire forum devoted to wreckers discussing the finer points of their trade!

  3. Sean, You get the cash price at the RV pumps less a penny even if you use a credit card. It is a pain as the nozzle is small but for me saving 9 cents on my 100 gal tank is worth the time -- well sometimes do get irritated with some of the stupid acting RVers and the RV island can be tight but 9 cents is 9 cents.

  4. Rod and Jean,

    Yup, we're having to do the same now. On our typical 200 gallon fill-ups, this costs us an extra hour, basically. But you're right -- 9 cents is 9 cents, or about 20 bucks per stop.


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