Monday, November 2, 2009

Done with the northeast

We are at the Wal-Mart in Severn, Maryland (map). This complex is so new, it shows under construction in Google's satellite view, and the street address was not in the GPS's database.

I was feeling much better by yesterday afternoon, although still not 100%. We would have just spent a third night there in Havre de Grace, had it not been for the fact that we were completely out of water. There was a spigot at the lodge, but it was too far away to fill without moving the bus, and once we had everything packed up enough to drive over to the spigot, I thought we might as well get a little further down the road.

This was the first Wal-Mart SuperCenter on our route, and at just about an hour away, was as far as I wanted to drive while still feeling crummy. We desperately needed the Wal-Mart because we ended up discarding all our floor mats over the last couple of days due to pet issues, and we needed a handful of other essentials. There is also a Lowe's here and I need some hardware, which I will pick up later this morning.

Ironically, we had been heading generally for Severn anyway, as we hoped to catch up with some full-timing friends who have been staying here for the last several months, parked at their daughter's house. As luck would have it, they left yesterday for Florida, so being sidelined for a couple days with a cold meant we missed them by mere hours. We hope to catch up with them in Florida before the year's out.

Today we will continue south, picking up US-301 where it turns south of US-50, west of Annapolis. That will keep us well east of the DC metropolis, and will take us all the way to Richmond. We will be in Virginia tonight, which is officially "the south."

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  1. Glad your feeling better Sean!!!!
    Sad that you two have left New England, but you will be back.
    Drive safe and have a blast...
    Portland, ME


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