Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lattitude 48

We are at the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, Washington (map). We've stayed here once before, to visit friends, and remembered it as a nice stop. Unlike that visit, we actually went inside the casino this time, and ate at the buffet -- Tuesday is seafood night. They also have two sit-down restaurants and a sandwich stand, in addition to a coffee-shop type restaurant in the hotel.

As on that visit, we are again surrounded by Canadian snow birds on their way back home, including a pair of Prevost conversions. The Prevost folks seemed to think the rule about no generators after 10pm did not apply to them, and security stopped by around 11 and knocked on their doors. I admit their generators were very quiet, even more so than ours, which made me a tad envious.

In addition to having an extra night before we needed to be in Anacortes, I also wanted to make a stop right next door here at the outlet mall. This is one of the very few Sony outlet locations, and it was high time to pick up a Blu-Ray player. We sold our DVD player back in November (really), and there have been a few times since then when I wanted to grab a DVD at RedBox, but really had no good way to play it.

Yesterday morning found us parked on the street in Woodinville, near the house of Louise's cousin. We had a nice dinner with them Monday evening, and they fixed us breakfast as well. It was only a seven mile drive there from our digs on the street in Kirkland, hardly long enough to get the engine warm, let alone make any hot water or charge the batteries.

In other news, I have been meaning to post here for a few days now the George report, for the many kind folks who have inquired about her. While we were in Sumner we took her to another vet for follow-up blood work, and the results are not encouraging. It looks like she is entering renal failure, which is more or less how all cats die if they don't go from something else first. There is not much that can be done, but we now have some IV fluid bags and needles in case we need to hydrate her, and a script for yet another type of prescription food.

She also has some kind of bacterial infection, which we are treating with a 30-day course of antibiotics, and we are hoping that renal function will at least improve some once the infection is cleared up. She is only nine, which is early for onset of renal failure, and we are girding ourselves for the untimely passing of the best cat ever. She could have anywhere from two months to two years; we are, of course, hoping it is years. Thanks to everyone who has sent kind words of support, and we will be sure to update George's status here from time to time as things change.

In a few minutes we will head north to Mount Vernon where we will turn west to Anacortes. Our destination is the RV parking at the Trawler Fest marina.


  1. Oh dear. :( I was hoping it would be something a few drugs and TLC could clear up. I'm sorry to hear that news.

    Give her some scritchies from your fellow cat-transporter, please.

  2. Sorry to hear about George. I hope he responds to the medication.

    We have driven past the casino so many times even stopping there a couple of times to stay the night when we have been traveling to or from our home base in Blaine. The Tuesday night buffet at the casino is delicious to say the least.

    Safe travels to Anacortes.

  3. *sniff* Very sad news about dear George - sending our deepest wishes and warmth. May her remaining time be full of love, joy, scritches and lots of things to pounce on.

  4. Very sorry to read about George. I lost a wonderful cat friend at 11 and it was about 6 months after the China cat food problem which was killing cats. I never found out what the problem was but I suspect it could have been cat food. Sending good energy to George...

  5. So sorry about George. I can tell you love your pets as much as we love ours and it is so difficult to deal with those kinds of issues, especially when you're not in one place and following up with a trusted vet. You're in our thoughts.


  6. Louise--so sorry to hear about George. Sounds like what happened to our Mr. Sophie (a "girl" cat that turned out to be a boy when vet looked more closely). He just got more tired by the day until I had to take him in to be euthanized. One of the saddest days of my life.

  7. Sadly thinking about George. Those black and white kitties always ARE the best, imx. And we just lost one of ours, also at about 9 yrs of age, less than a year ago due to renal failure too. So I know how hard it is. Give George lots of snuggles and scritches and if good thoughts can help, I hope she will be carried along on waves of cyber-love from your fellow cat-lovers for years yet.


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