Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deming laundry

Change machine

We are at the Wal-Mart in Deming, New Mexico (map). Last night we walked to dinner at Palma's Italian Restaurant down the block, which was excellent even if the ancient bank building it was in has seen better days. There were also several Mexican options, natch, but we wanted a glass of wine after a long day, and we figure to have Mexican tonight, anyway.

That's because we finally settled on a plan to meet the Zen Nomads in Lordsburg, about an hour west of here. And while we could have taken our preferred route of NM-9 to Columbus, spent the night at the Depot Museum there, and still made Lordsburg today in plenty of time, we needed desperately to do laundry. No laundromats (or almost anything else, either) in Columbus, which would have meant spending most of the day in El Paso doing Laundry, then driving west into the sun late in the afternoon.

Instead we opted to fuel up in El Paso at $3.31 per gallon, make a quick stop at Camping World for a new Fresnel lens, and book out of town on I-10, putting us here in Deming in the early afternoon before the sun got too brutal on the windshield. There are three laundromats here and we spent most of the afternoon at one of them, as all the bedding needed to be washed in addition to our normal loads.

In a few minutes we will make the one-hour drive to Lordsburg, where I am hoping we can just park across the street from the landmark El Charro restaurant there. Failing that, our fall back plan is Kranberry's, where we stayed almost exactly one year ago.

Photo by 1031 , used under a Creative Commons license.

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