Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zen nomadic meetup

We are in a gravel lot across the street from El Charro restaurant, adjacent to the train tracks in Lordsburg, New Mexico (map). I'm pretty sure the Amtrak station used to occupy this spot, back when Amtrak stopped here. It turns out to be a pretty active rail yard, as well.

We arrived yesterday afternoon around 2ish, after a quick stop at the Flying-J at the east end of town to dump and fill tanks. We asked at the restaurant if they thought we'd be OK here for the night and they told us we would not be bothered. Zen Nomads Tracy and Sam pulled in about half an hour later and we passed a pleasant afternoon chatting over a couple glasses of wine.

The four of us had both dinner and breakfast at El Charro, which was authentic and tasty. In a gesture of small-town hospitality, we ended up with cake after dinner, courtesy of the baby shower for twins that wrapped up just as we arrived. All in all it was a great visit and we enjoyed getting to know Sam and Tracy who are fellow technologists, UUs, full-timers, motorcyclists, shunpikers, boondockers, and toad-less travelers. They are also Escapees and were curious about the DOVEs and our work with the Red Cross.

We were having such a good time this morning that time got away from us, and we are now getting a late start. Tonight we will be in Tucson, most likely at one of the casinos, and we'll stay on I-10 the whole way in the interests of time.


  1. So awesome to hear about our dearest friends finally meeting up with each other :)

  2. Hate to sound like an idiot here, but WHAT???? What are UU's, shunpikers, toad-less travelers, DOVES and Escapees?

  3. @Judy (Royal Ranch): Fair question, and I really should have spelled them out.

    UU: Unitarian Universalist
    Shunpiker: One who prefers back roads to turnpikes
    Toad-less: Does not pull a "toad" (towed car)
    Escapees: A large RV club, popular among full-timers
    DOVE: Disaster Operations Volunteer Escapees, a group within the Escapee club that volunteers with the American Red Cross

    Also, it was scary to read about your recent close encounter with carbon monoxide and we are glad you are OK.

  4. Thanks so much...both for the explanations and for the sympathies!!! You will have to read on in a few days, the carbon monoxide story continued! Very scary stuff, thank goodness for my Dad.


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