Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bound for the coast

This way to the TIKI!

We are at our customary stealth-parking spot in Orlando, Florida (map). We've had a quiet and pleasant two nights here, in near-perfect weather. We arrived just at dusk on Friday, after slogging through traffic from Disney, and shortly afterward Cherie and Chris from Technomadia showed up in their Mini, into which we all piled for a dinner run to Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant just down the street.

We had a nice evening with them until they needed to leave for the airport, just a few minutes from here, to make their pickup. I expect we will run into them later this week on the Space Coast, as well. They also have plans for the Arcadia bus rally this year. We have not committed to the rally, but may attend if we still are in the area.

Yesterday we decided to pop over to the Florida Mall, also just a few blocks away. Wow, what a zoo. I managed to get what I wanted, which was a "chair massage," and Louise made some progress on the very limited holiday shopping that we do each year, but being at the mall two weekends before Christmas was a good reminder why we have mostly "checked out" of consumer culture. (Our younger nieces and nephews, who have not made such an election, are the only ones for whom we shop.)

Last night we rode the scooters into downtown Orlando for dinner at the Citrus Club, which was delightful as always. This morning our plan was to just relax right here until we were motivated to get back on the road to the coast. We were surprised, then, when amplified live music started up while we were having our morning coffee.

It turns out the light industrial suite at the end of the complex across the street, which until recently has been the back-office operation for a chain of art galleries, is now leased to one of those new-age non-denominational churches. I guess the nice weather motivated them to have their services in the parking lot, and thus started the music from a half hour beforehand to well afterward, a good two plus hours starting at 9:30am. Next time we are here, we'll park at the other end of the lot.

In a few minutes we will continue east to Cocoa Beach, where we expect to settle down for a week or so and catch up on errands.

Photo by tom.arthur, used under a Creative Commons license.

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