Monday, December 19, 2011

A relaxing week in Cocoa Beach

We are in Cocoa Beach, at a location which will remain undisclosed in respect for our host. It is the same spot at which we stayed back in August, a short walk from the beach as well as several restaurants. We arrived last Sunday evening after an easy drive from Orlando.

We wanted to come here because we knew it would be relaxing, and it has been. We've both had massages at a resort a short scooter ride away, and with most of the tourists gone, we've had the local dining scene mostly to ourselves. The weather has been a mixed bag, but we've had several evenings where it was pleasant enough to enjoy a glass of wine on our deck, in view of the ocean.

The location is not conducive to getting any of my "outside" projects knocked off the list, such as the bad ground on a couple of the marker lights. But we have taken the opportunity presented by the downtime to do some housecleaning, and I've listed quite a few items on eBay. And I've been emailing back and forth with our broker about lining up boat visits for this week.

I am still waiting to hear from him on a specific schedule, but we hope to have some visits lined up in the Stuart/Fort Pierce/Vero Beach area later this week, and/or possibly the week after Christmas. By the end of the week we are due in Vero Beach where we will visit our friends Chris and Alyse Caldwell of Captain Chris Yacht Services. We've been invited to spend some of the holiday with them, and we are looking forward to it.

Exactly where we will park over the next two weeks is something of an open question. For any boat visits in Stuart we will likely park at the Port St. Lucie Elks lodge, as the Stuart lodge is no longer an option. Over the holiday, we will try to get as close as possible to our hosts; there is a Walmart not far away which will at least be a good base from which to scope out other options.

Once we are in that neighborhood, it's really not a long hop over to Arcadia, and we are contemplating swinging by for the annual bus rally there. We are long past the point of needing to go to bus rallies for any reason, and I have mostly enjoyed presenting seminars at the last few. Having spent a considerable amount of money, though, to attend the rally in Chattanooga for that purpose in October, only to have my workshops canceled due to lack of attendance (overall, not just for my workshop), I'm a little burnt out on the whole seminar thing.

Consequently, I could not commit to doing any seminars at this year's Arcadia event, and, therefore, I am not on the schedule. If we do end up going, I'll offer to do something ad hoc, as the seminar schedule seems really light to me. I've always got items I can put out for the "swap meet," and it would obviate the need to figure out what else to do on New Year's Eve. As a bonus, our friends Chris and Cherie of Technomadia are planning to attend, and we missed connecting with them here on the Space Coast due to various schedule issues.

Exactly when we will leave Cocoa Beach is also an unanswered question. We figure to be here at least through tonight, and after that it will depend on what the boat viewing schedule looks like. I expect to hear back from the broker by sometime tomorrow morning. In any case, the next blog post will be from our next location, wherever that proves to be.


  1. please post your link to your ebay sales.

  2. No bus-related stuff listed on there, Tom, but here's the link anyway:

    I have some bus stuff I will be putting out at the swap meet in Arcadia (relays, valves, etc.) if we make it.


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