Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Odyssey from space

For the first time in our seven years on the road, we've managed to spot Odyssey in a Google Earth satellite photograph, here. Thanks to our good friends "Buswarrior" and "Depewtee" who posted links to the satellite view of the rally grounds in threads on the bus boards (here and here) about this year's rally. You can read my posts on last year's rally, when this was taken, starting here.

In this overhead view you can clearly make out Odyssey, and just south of us, Ben and Karen's bus as well as their Mini Cooper. In the shadow between the two buses you can see the round shape of our hot tub which we enjoyed nightly last year. If we make the rally this year we'll try to park in more or less the same spot, since that's about as far as we can be from the water spigot and still fill the hot tub.

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