Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burning electrons

We are at the Elks lodge in Perry, Florida (map). The place is hauntingly familiar, as if we've stayed here before, but I could find no record of it in the blog. (We blog to remember; we drink to forget...) Just a couple blocks away is a Walmart where we might have stayed for free, but we opted for the lodge with its 50 amps of power for $15.

That's because it got down to a chilly 21° last night, and we would have spent at least that much in Webasto and generator run time to keep warm. With the 50 amps we were able to run all three electric heaters as well as the water heater. We also needed to top up the fresh water, and before we leave here we will use their dump station, making it a very cost-effective stop.

The lodge also has a full dinner menu many nights, and we opted to have dinner there last night. It was really too cold to walk to town, and we were not really prepared for cooking. Today Louise is making Pasta e Fagioli in the crock pot for tonight, since we've already got the electric power for half of the cooking. The other half will come from the alternator under way.

Today will be our last day in Florida for this visit, as we expect to be in Bainbridge, Georgia tonight. It should be a bit warmer tonight than last, so a Walmart stop will be fine, but I had scoped out a Corps of Engineers park in Chattahochee just in case. The decision point is just west of Tallahassee.

Our apologies to all our Florida friends whom we missed on this visit. We had planned on lingering in the state till the beginning of February to catch Trawler Fest in Fort Lauderdale, but the Red Cross work in Montgomery needs to get done, and we were really the right folks for it. The upshot is that we never made it all the way to Southeast Florida, missing some folks down there, nor did we make it to the northern part of the state east of the panhandle, missing folks there as well. To paraphrase a famous cyborg, though, we'll be back.

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