Friday, January 13, 2012


Hopping in Asda
We are at the Walmart in Homosassa Springs, Florida (map). We might have gone a bit further yesterday, perhaps to the familiar Walmart in Chiefland, but it was slow going rolling out of Tampa on US41, and we got a late start owing to a number of morning errands. Nevertheless, this was our scheduled "minimum" distance for the day.

There is a nice, popular local Italian joint right here in the same parking lot, Moschell0's, and we had a tasty dinner there. There was also a US Mail box in front of the Winn-Dixie next door, which I needed in order to rid myself of the very last eBay item in this latest round of sell-offs.

Tonight we should be in the eastern reaches of the Florida panhandle, possibly in Tallahassee. Somewhere between here and there I need to find a water spigot. A cold front has also moved into the region, so we're likely to see overnight temperatures drop to near freezing over the next couple days.

Photo by jo-h, used under a Creative Commons license.

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