Thursday, January 12, 2012

Departing Tampa

We are at the Walmart on Dale Mabry just north of the freeway in Tampa, Florida (map). This is a familiar stop for us, but since the last time we were here, Walmart has finally bulldozed the last remains of Tia's Mexican Restaurant and paved it, expanding this section of the lot. Also, the abandoned Circuit City store across Dale Mabry, which had acquired what appeared to be some permanent RV residents, is now a Nordstrom Rack and the lot is clearly posted No Overnight Parking.

Louise apparently had a great workshop yesterday, while I spent the day parked on a dead-end street about a mile away (map). It was an odd neighborhood, with several Victorian homes that had been converted to law offices, and a historic fire station that had been converted to homes, preserving the balance of the universe. I walked the five blocks or so to the water to take in the view.

After her workshop ended we drove the five miles across town to the Centre Club for dinner, which was tasty but with lackluster service not up to ClubCorp standards. This Walmart is the closest parking option to the club, not counting the long term lot at the airport, where we've also stayed previously.

In a few minutes we will head north out of town, taking US41 to US98 and then to US19. We have four days to get to Montgomery, which makes a comfortable three hours or a bit less per day.

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