Saturday, June 4, 2005

We had a nice visit yesterday with two different sets of friends here in Reno/Sparks. For no reason other than that it was convenient (and free), we spent the night in the parking lot of the Reno Hilton (map).

The Hilton is one of the largest casino hotels in Reno, but it is several miles from the downtown "strip" (Viginia Street), and has a large expanse of parking surrounding the hotel. There is also a commercial, full-hookup campground on the property, which is now operated by KOA. Boondocking rigs use the far reaches of the northwest parking lot.

The hotel also has five restaurants, a shopping mall, and a bowling alley, though we have not availed ourselves of those services on this visit.

This afternoon we will head out of town and make our way to US 50.

When we spoke to the MotoSat people yesterday, it turns out that the earliest they can get us in for repairs is Thursday morning. So we have a full five days to make our way to Salt Lake, a distance of only about 600 miles. We'll probably take two days to cross Nevada, then have some time to play in the hills southwest of Salt Lake before we settle in at MotoSat Wednesday night.


  1. Just a stupid question, but why are'nt you going back to have the enginge checked after having so much work just done. I know that most shops do a post check after 1000 miles if not sooner. I can't imagine that some $3500 SAT is worth more then what was just paid for the motor work.

  2. It may look like we document our entire life on this blog, but there are some details that we keep to ourselves. Some of our routing decision are based on information we do not share.

    Just as you chose not to share your identity ;-) Now, if you tell us who you are, you might get an in-depth, private response via email...

  3. Oops, I just checked my site visitor log, so I know who "Anonymous" is. Corbin, you little rascal, isn't it past your bedtime?!? :-)

  4. Hello Sean and Louise, I follow your blog regularly, this is what keeps me working on my conversion, the idea of doing what I want, when I want, traveling! After many years working this is what its all about enjoying that which you enjoy so much! Have a great adventure, not many are that fortunate..........Pat


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