Friday, June 3, 2005

We're in the high Sierras, just over Donner pass, near Truckee. We found a nice little forest service campground just off state route 89, a bit over a mile from I-80 (map).

Our camp site is right on the Truckee river, which is running pretty high right now. It's a beautiful spot, even though it is right along the highway. We're under a lovely canopy of connifers, which has the unwanted side effect of obstructing our satellite access, so I am posting tonight to a file for upload tomorrow sometime.

We had originally planned to be in Reno this afternoon, where we will visit some friends. We were waylaid by a lengthy grocery stop, an unexpected but much needed stop at a Camping World, and lunch at a nice sit-down place, all in Rocklin. By the time we were cresting the summit, it was well past 5, and we decided that the forests around Truckee would be a much more pleasant place to stop than some parking lot in Reno.

We'll spend tomorrow night in Reno after our visit, and head east on Saturday. Looks like we will be at the MotoSat plant in Salt Lake either Monday or Tuesday.

Coming up the west side of Donner Pass, Odyssey felt like her old self again, and it's really nice to have full power, and confidence in the engine.

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