Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not collecting rocks...

We are at Rock Hound State Park, near Deming, NM (map). We are here mostly because it was along our route, and it is a nice change from all the boondocking we have been doing. There are also electric hookups here, and we are finally getting to top off the batteries, something we have not really done in over ten weeks. Coming here also provided some relief from the monotony that is I-10, as we were able to divert along NM 549 for 20 miles or so.

While we are not rock hounds in any way, we found the visitor center interesting and the geology of the region is fascinating. Unlike almost any other park, visitors here are permitted to collect rocks and remove them from the park -- up to 15 pounds per person. Many "thunder eggs" and geodes can be found in the park, though the areas nearest the campgound and visitor center have been picked clean.

Today's drive through west Texas and into New Mexico was rather unremarkable. I think I said all there really is to say about El Paso when we drove through in February -- once again, it served us well as a fuel stop, but we otherwise did not leave the highway.

Tomorrow we will head off the interstate onto US-70, which will take us all the way into Phoenix.

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