Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Elks bail us out, once again

We are at the Elks lodge in Katy, TX (map).   They have four RV spaces here, with 50-amp pedestals.  Good thing -- we've needed to run all our air conditioners to keep comfortable.  Even though this is a holiday weekend, there is only one other rig here, and it looks to be a long-term occupancy.

Last night we walked the better part of a mile over to the Katy Mills Mall in search of dinner.  The restaurant selection was disappointing, and we ended up eating at the Rainforest Cafe, the restaurant equivalent of the Enchanted Tiki Room from Disneyland.  We also browsed a few of the shops.

We were able to stay off I-10 for most of the day yesterday, as old US-90 runs on a separate alignment until about 30 miles west of here, criss-crossing the freeway but mostly staying out of sight of it.  Today, we will head in to Houston, drop off the pets, and then head out to our friends' parcel east of the city.  I will not be updating our precise location again until we return from Mexico and are back on the road, though  I may make one more blog entry before we leave.

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  1. you kids are spending more time in my favorite state than I am. :(

    Cancun! Have one heck of a lot of fun, and consider this:

    Find a waiter. give him $50 and tell him you would like him to take care of you. Sit on the beach and order drinks by color.

    "Ramon, could you please bring us blue drinks"

    "Ramon, could you please bring us green drinks"

    then in the evening, ask him for a recommendation of where to go eat. "Ramon, we would like to go to dinner tonight, but good dinner. Where would you take your wife if you were going out tonight"

    this will avoid eating at "Senor Frogs" or "Carlos & Charlies" and instead get you to a REAL place.

    have pooploads of fun.



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