Friday, May 26, 2006

Seguin, TX

We are at the Elks lodge in Seguin (map). It is basically just a parking lot, a few hundred yards from an Interstate off-ramp and its associated glotch. Our guide said it had 20-amp power available, though, and we found an outlet after circling the building -- nothing is posted, and there hasn't been a soul here to ask since we arrived last night around 7. I set our power draw down to 18 amps and plugged in, and we've been able to run one air conditioner, which has been ample in the cooler evening and night hours.

We spent yesterday afternoon at Schlitterbahn, and had a blast. The park is immense, and they only opened two of the five giant sections (Surfenburg and Blastenhoff, for those who know the park) for the off-season weekday. Nevertheless, we had to park over in the other, older "main" section of the park -- the only place we could fit -- and take the employee shuttle (with only one side running, the guest trams were not operating). We shared the park mostly with several dozen busloads of high school kids on school outings. We looked just like chaperones.

With the temperature close to 100, it was a perfect day for a water park. (We did have to leave the genny running to keep the pets cool while we were away.) The Travel Channel is right -- Schlitterbahn is a great park.

Today, we will drive most of the way to Houston.

For anyone who missed it, we are going to Cancun for a week, leaving Monday morning from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Friends of ours, whom we met through the Red Cross, have some property in the eastern suburbs of Houston with RV hookups, and have generously offered to let us park Odyssey there while we are away. That will give us power to run the fridge, and also to run some air conditioning to keep the coach from baking while we are gone. Also, there are some folks living on the lot who can keep an eye on things for us.

We could certainly make it to their spread tonight, but the kennel we have lined up for the pets is in the western suburbs, about 20 miles away through some pretty bad traffic. Our appointment to drop the animals off is tomorrow, as they are closed Sunday. Since we will be approaching from the west anyway, we want to stay west of town, and avoid crossing the city and battling the traffic three times. I had hoped to spend the night at a state park a few miles west, but they are all full for the holiday weekend. We will likely end up boondocking tonight, and running the generator to keep cool, unless we can find another Elks lodge.

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