Thursday, May 25, 2006

Remembering the Alamo

We are in San Antonio, at the KOA campground (map), where we have spent the last four nights.  KOA is an uncharacteristic stop for us, but this time it was a good fit.  Boondocking in, for example, a Wal-Mart parking lot is not a good option for a four-day stay in any case, and, with temperatures in the 90's all week, we'd have to run the generator nearly full-time, since the A/C's need to be on all day long for the pets.  Our usual fall-back options, such as Elks lodges and fairgrounds, are not available here.  There are four well-rated campgrounds in San Antonio, and we chose among them based on city transit maps and schedules -- there is a bus stop right at the KOA's gate, and a bus runs directly downtown from there on a frequent schedule.  We lucked out and got an end-of-row spot with little traffic and few neighbors, yet close to the pool and the bus stop.

We have had a pleasant stay here, being quintessential tourists.  We took a half-hour cruise around the downtown section of the San Antonio river (check out Louise's video montage of this), spent some time walking the famed River Walk, sampled three of the restaurants along same, did a one-hour motorcoach tour of the city (sort of a busman's holiday), and had a nice dinner at our affiliate club here in town.  We went to the zoo, an outing that required two city buses each way, and we even saw the movie RV in a downtown theater while we were cruising the River Center Mall attached to the River Walk (don't bother, unless you are an RV'er, in which case some of the RV antics will strike a chord).  Of course, we also spent some time visiting the Alamo, an experience I found to be quite emotional.

There is more to see and do here, but we will save it for another visit in somewhat cooler weather.  We are getting some chores done this morning, and we will  leave around mid-day and head to New Braunfels, where we plan to spend the afternoon at the Schlitterbahn water park there.

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  1. If you are going to head to New Braunfels and have time, might I suggest that you head a little farther up the road to Gruene, home of the oldest dance hall in Texas. Across the street is The Grist Mill, excellent food in an interesting mill type atmosphere.


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