Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Miscellany: Preoccupied

Monday is the day for miscellaneous topics

I tried to sit down and blog both yesterday and Saturday, but I find I'm too preoccupied about the dog to do anything productive. I've been spending entirely too much time researching dog spleen tumors and those medical websites are pretty intense.

After my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, I spent weeks on very similar sites and often upset myself right before going to bed. Sean instituted a rule: No medical research after 8pm. We've had to re-instate the rule.

We are hoping to have the results of her biopsy today to help us decide what the next steps are. We'll probably call the vet we found in Arkansas for recommendations on what facility in the southern states has the best reputation for the appropriate care for Opal. Last time she had major medical problems, a vet in Tennessee recommended that we take her to Texas to one of the A&M campuses. Apparently much state of the art veterinary research happens there.


  1. Louise,

    My father-in-law is a veterinarian here in Houston, and graduated from the Texas A&M Veterinary School many moons ago. I would expect he could give you an excellent recommendation for someone in this area that specializes in the problems Opal is having, or possibly the name of someone in College Station to get things working there.

    If you would like his contact information, I would be more than happy to provide it to you as well as make a call to him to make sure he is expecting your call.

  2. MELackey, thanks for the offer. Yes, please do send me his contact info. My email address is louise (dot) hornor (atsign) cornell (dot) edu

  3. I'll track him down this afternoon and give him the lead-in to your call. I'll e-mail you with his contact information this afternoon.

  4. On the map I see that you are near Grand Rivers. Are you at the canal campground? We just left Hillman Ferry yesterday morning.

  5. please keep us updated on Opal; we're thinking of you guys and here from the very south of Mexico...


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