Monday, September 17, 2007

Settling back in to our normal pace of life

We are at Casino Aztar, on the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana (map). We had a decent dinner at one of their restaurants and a quiet night here in the parking lot.

When we realized we would barely make it to the Ohio River by the time we needed to stop for the night, Louise started hunting around in our vast library of guides. A roadside billboard reminded us this casino was here, and a quick check of the Casino Camping guide said RV's were welcome to park in the lot. The lot I think they were talking about might have been a block west of here, which is now occupied by a huge billiards hall that is part of the Aztar complex -- we are in the only paved outdoor lot left on the property, and it's incredibly small, as most of the parking is in the 1,600-space garage just south of us. Fortunately, there was an Odyssey-sized gap here when we pulled in, and we grabbed it.

Yesterday was a very short-mileage day on account of laundry, which had piled up while we were on our relief operation. We've been scanning for a convenient laundromat for the last couple days, and yesterday presented the perfect opportunity in the tiny community of Worthington. Worthington is a dying town, but it sports the only coin laundry for dozens of miles in any direction, and on a Sunday afternoon we had no trouble parking Odyssey on the street (map). We even walked to lunch in the little Main Street Cafe nearby, where the folks were friendly and the burgers were excellent. (Pretty much everything else in town, what little there is, was closed -- it being a Sunday and this being rural America.)

Today we will cross the Ohio and make our way through Kentucky.

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