Friday, November 30, 2007

Draconian measures

Our friends Shahn and Ross have been living in a vehicle even more unusual than Odyssey -- an all-wheel-drive Oshkosh airport fire apparatus converted into an awesome go-anywhere full-timing rig. Ross is often wheelchair-bound, and the rig includes a wheelchair lift for ingress and egress, along with many features specific to it's uber-boondocking "mission."

Shahn has been looking at selling the rig, named "Draco," off and on for the past couple years. Recently, I got a note from him saying that circumstances have forced his hand, and he will be selling the rig at this January's Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was kind enough to pass along a graphic of the flyer (as with all images on the blog, click to view full size):

This is an amazing rig, and all the more impressive when viewed in person. If we were not already well settled in Odyssey, I would buy it myself, as it is perfectly equipped for the type of travel that we ourselves prefer. In fact, I had happened across the design details of Draco while we were working on Odyssey, and I have to confess to getting a certain amount of inspiration (as well as some envy) from it.

You can read more about Draco as well as some of Shahn and Ross's adventures at their web site, I did notice that some of the more interesting links there have stopped working (presumably due to the referenced pages, on other sites, going away over time), but still interesting reading nonetheless.

We wish Shahn and Ross success at Barrett-Jackson, as well as in all their future endeavors.

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  1. Shawn's vehicle is SOMETHING you have to admit. Very custom and looks very tough. Heavy, bad mileage, but you'll be noticed. Thanks for the link.
    OTOH, you have a pretty unique and cool vehicle, too!
    Happy travels.
    Michael K


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