Friday, November 30, 2007

San Manuel tribe hospitality, revisited

We are parked high on a bluff above the San Manuel casino, in the hills north of San Bernardino (map). From our perch here we had an impressive view of the valley below, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset last night, followed by the city lights shimmering below us. I say "had" because today it is raining, and we have been engulfed in clouds all day.

We are only about an hour further east than we were yesterday, continuing our slow roll while I see if my tooth will improve. We had thought to just stop back by the "river" where we spent three weeks working for the Red Cross, but then remembered seeing rigs parked here at the casino when we came here for brunch on our day off. Our casino camping guide confirmed that overnight parking was available in one of the back lots. Little did we know that we would have million-dollar views right out our windows. We took the shuttle down the hill to the casino for dinner last night at the buffet, which was just as good as we remembered it.

We'll spend another night here. The weather is too crappy today to want to drive, and we're still trying to drag our heels on moving away from Santa Clarita and the dentist's office. We'll have to move tomorrow, though -- we are out of water.

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