Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just like old times

We are parked along the Santa Ana river again, just a couple hundred yards from where we spent three weeks working with the Red Cross (map). We were actually well situated at the casino, and would have spent another night there, but we were out of water, and knew we could find some down here. In any case, we knew it would be dark and quiet here, especially on the weekend, and we had a pleasant night.

We popped the big scooter out last night to go to dinner at the nearby Elephant Bar, and in a few minutes I will go run a couple of errands while we are in the neighborhood -- there is a Costco here, along with all the usual suburban-glotch stores. I did the first oil change on the scooter Friday, while we were at the casino -- the Kymco requires both the engine and final drive oil to be changed out at 300 kilometers (and, yes, the odometer is in km, even though the speedo is calibrated in MPH). It felt like I was working on a tinker-toy -- after getting used to adding oil by the gallon in Odyssey (sump capacity: 7 gallons), it was almost laughable to fill the scooter with less than a quart (sump capacity: 0.9 liter).

We'd really like to get out of the metroplex here, and I'm tempted to blast down to the Salton Sea today, but the tooth pain is still returning at seemingly random times, and it's still taking 400mg of ibuprofen to knock it down, so we will continue our very slow roll eastward. I may call the dentist tomorrow for a phone consultation.

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